Custom Courses for edX

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Open EdX

An Open edX extension allowing reuse of course content

Thanks for all your hard work. There were times that I didn't know if we would ever see this day, but all our perseverance paid off, as well as your ability to talk things out with edX engineers at key moments. There are a lot of universities who are interested in this functionality, not just MIT. Although this is just a first step, we're making a real impact on the utility and sustainability of the edX platform.

Peter Pinch, Associate Director of Engineering, Office of Digital Learning at MIT
Custom Courses for edX

MIT wanted to enable professors to use the materials from an edX MOOC (massive open online course) on their own courses, controlling start and due dates to fit in with their own schedule, controlling enrollment for their own students, and choosing an a la carte subset of the course materials for their own custom course. This simple sounding addition to the edX platform required changes that reached deep into edX's core code. Jazkarta worked with MIT and the Open edX team on an implementation strategy, wrote the new code (including a Python package to implement opaque keys for edX), integrated and wrote tests for all changes, and shepherded the merge of this significant change into edX core.

You can read documentation of this new edX feature.