Molecule Editor for Open edX

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Davidson College
Davidson, North Carolina
Open EdX

Extending the Open edX platform with a new problem type

The edX course closes on Monday, and your implementation of JSME has run flawlessly.  It was a big improvement for the course.  It will also be a boon for anybody on edX who wants to incorporate grading of chemical structure input.

Erland Stevens, Davidson College
Molecule Editor for Open edX

Davidson College is a member of the edX Consortium and offers courses online at Davidson needed a new edX component to use on their online chemistry courses: a problem type that would allow an instructor to insert the JSME molecule editor into a problem. Because Jazkarta was one of the first commercial companies to offer edX development services, they engaged us to build the new component. This turned out to be first edX problem type to live in its own optional add-on package and our work helped edX determine how to incorporate this type of add-on. The code is available at, and you can try it out by taking the course!