Plone Consulting

Jazkarta can help you create a dynamic website based on the Plone open source content management system - the best choice for sites with lots of editors and lots of content

The Ultimate Open Source Enterprise CMS

Plone LogoPlone is an enterprise quality, secure, and extensible open source content management system that out-performs many expensive commercial systems. Plone has a polished interface and is ideal for community or organizational websites whose content, such as pages, news items, images, and events, is supplied by members of the organization. We have been working with Plone since 2004 and are experts at customizing and deploying Plone sites. 

Plone has extensive out of the box features and lots of add-ons, but many of our clients need even more from their websites. We specialize in solutions to difficult problems that require integrating Plone with other systems such as and LDAP/Active Directory, or extending Plone with enterprise search or GIS features. We utilize open source technologies wherever possible for these projects, and reduce project risks with agile development techniques.

Why Plone?

Plone is powerful, flexible, easy to use, and is internationalized in over 40 languages. Plone is accessible, complying with the W3C’s WAI-AA and the U.S. government’s Section 508 standards. Plone is Open Source, giving you the right to use Plone without a license fee.

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